Project Info

  • Type : Web Application Development
  • Client : Texas Insurance Company
  • Location : Texas, USA

Audits Processing Automation


The client requested to develop an automated tool to streamline and automate the flow of audits processing, and track performance of the staff involved.


While performing business analysis, we have determined the desired flow of audits processing which allowed us to develop its logic in the optimal way. The flow includes the required actions to be done by the staff manually, as well as several automatic procedures to be performed by the application.


We developed a web-based application to store all the info related to audits processing in one place, allowing company management to get a complete picture on policy audits being processed, and to browse audits history per policy and each employee being involved.

The application consists of several modules:
- Dashboard with overall information of audits processing
- Filters by audit type, status, and staff member
- Audits info input and editing
- Settings for users management, and email notifications

04.Main Features

  • Automated flow of audits processing
  • Dashboard with filters by staff member, audit status, and type
  • Input and update info on audits per each policy
  • Automatic email reminders on each step
  • Flexible settings for the processing flow
  • Summary on all audits by type, status, and responsible staff